Company history

Since its creation in 1872 STROBEL VERLAG has grown to become one of the most important publishers for the German building installations and technology sector. The specialised titles published by STROBEL enjoy a prodigious reputation as „eye witnesses on paper“ and have always satisfied their target readership‘s thirst for knowledge. In today‘s internet age a specialist publishing house is forced to filter information, present it in such a way that it can be used effectively and disseminate it via all media at its disposal. With its highly motivated staff, its progressive management system and its focus on customer requirements the STROBEL VERLAG has always risen to this challenge, evolving from a traditional niche magazine publisher to a modern provider of specialist-content media.

Die ist das Onlineportal der Zeitschriften IKZ HAUSTECHNIK, IKZ-FACHPLANER, IKZ-ENERGY und IKZ-PRAXIS.

Herausgeber und Verlag: STROBEL VERLAG GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 5654 | 59806 Arnsberg | Tel.: 02931 8900-0 | Fax: 02931 8900-38

Verlagsleitung: Dipl.-Kfm. Christopher Strobel
Verantwortlich für den redaktionellen Inhalt:
IKZ-HAUSTECHNIK und IKZ-FACHPLANER: Markus Sironi, Chefredakteur
IKZ-ENERGY: Hilmar Düppel, Chefredakteur 
IKZ-PRAXIS: Detlev Knecht, Chefredakteur

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